A big day ahead for my baby…….

Dear Payton, 

I am sitting here thinking of all that tomorrow and the days ahead will bring for you.  You start kindergarten tomorrow!  I am excited because you are beyond excited!   You woke up the day after your 5th birthday and immediately asked, “how many more days until I start kindergarten, mommy?”    That was exactly 103 days ago.  I know you are ready to go and show them what you got and ready for this next adventure in your life.  You will take it all in and not forget a minute of it.  

I know you will be anxious with nervous anticipation tomorrow, but when I pick you up I am confident you will be full of smiles and bursting with stories and who your new friends are.  I can’t wait to hear of all your new adventures from a perspective only YOU can share.  I can only hope that you are this excited each year to start school.

I am a bit sad that my baby is off to school, but more excited for you (and a little for me, too) because this is what you want.  I have marveled at how you have just taken your own initiative and have been reading to me this summer and have also started a love for math and numbers.  I am sure tomorrow will be tough and the emotions will sneak up on me when I least expect it, but you will see a smile because that’s what we mommy’s do.  Go knock their socks off, Miss P.


I love you my baby girl and hope tomorrow is just the beginning of a wonderful learning adventure!



Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have 2 this week.  I thought about saving one for next week, but I fugured I might as well share because who knows if I’ll remember next week.

Carter came up to me the other day while trying to blow up a balloon.  Shealyn has the “hot air” mastered it takes for balloon blowing, but the other 2 have been diligently working on it this week.  Anyway, Carter came up and said:

C–mom, does my face look white (or so I thought that’s what he asked)

M–No (he’s got quite the little summer tan going)

M–Did you say white?

C–No, I said light.

M–Oh, what do you mean light?

C–you know light.


C–what does light-headed mean?

I’m starting to see where he’s going with this one.

M–what do you think it means?

C–like I would have a headlight on my head

M–(appropriately stifling the giggle) no bud, light headed means when you start to feel kind of dizzy b/c your trying so hard to blow up that balloon.

C–OOOHHHH!  I feel dizzy then, mom.

Just too cute.

Payton has left us with another funny that her daddy even managed to hear firsthand.  The kids have been going to Vacation Bible School this week at a church other than the one we attend regularly.  On Wednesday night we took them to a presentation at the church.  Since I had been the one dropping off and picking up all week, she seemed a little concerned daddy may not know where the church was.  So, this was their conversation.

P–daddy, do you know where the church is b/c you know it’s not our church?

D–I think I can figure it out, P. (It’s only a mile and half up the road)

P–daddy, it’s the one with a “t” on it!

Hee Hee

Some Summer Fun

Just some random pictures to show you how the kids are starting out their summers.   I had to do some cropping to get rid of  (ahem) panty shots, but there newest mode of transportation is a clothes basket.  And apparently I was not quick enough to catch Carter as the transportEE only the transportER!



Let’s just say he had her flying across the tile, thank God for some carpet or who knows which kid I might have had at emergency …….

003 - Copy


P manages to make her own fun if the other 2 aren’t up for it.  I think you call this ‘shaking what your momma gave you’


Okay, I’m done now.


Kids Say the Darndest Thing

Payton and I were having a pretty candid discussion last week as I was making some flip flops a little more girly for her! 

P—Mom, how did God make flip flops?

M–Well, He gave us people and machines to make them…….other than that I’m not sure.

P–Well, I think he made them out of bricks and rocks.

M–Oh, okay (not sure they’d be so comfortable and my footwear of choice then, but who am I to argue with a 5 year old?)

P–I know how God makes blankies!

M–You do?

P–Yes, out of cotton balls ’cause they’re so soft like my blankies.

Awwwwww…………………..in a matter of speaking she is right!

Best Shot Monday

I love this little sequence of Payton.  We’ve had lots of rain here recently in North Texas.  She made  a trip to the mailbox for me in her new High School Musical night gown, new HSM umbrella and her “old” lady bug rainboots.

Some of these are pretty dark, but you definitely get what she’s doing.




Here she is in all her HSM and rainboot glory!


Kids Say the Darndest Things or…….

the cutest things.  This is one of those instances I know my children can be the utmost considerate and polite.  It’s affirmation that they really have it in ’em.

Last night I was playing a quick game of Spider Solitaire when P. strolled over.

P–mommy, are you playing spider solitaire?

M–Yes, I am.

P–mommy, you’re really good at Spider.

M–thank you very much, P.

P–You’re welcome.  It’s my pleasure!

Really, where does she get this? 

Just passing along some photo sweetness to go along with her ever so sweet manners!  Don’t mind the dab of peanut butter on her chin….that goes along with another post 😮


Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have yet another one courtesy of Miss P.  I kid you not, we had this conversation mere minutes ago.

P—Mommy is this how 5 year olds wipe their nose?

(as she’s wiping her finger just under her nose … parallel to her lip)

M—What do you mean?

P—You know to get something out of their nose?

M—You don’t use your finger.  You use a tissue!

P—Oh, I shouldn’t use my finger to get boogers out like when I was 4?

Some days it is painstakingly hard to keep a straight face with her in the house.